Burn More Fat with Omega-3

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Omega-3 is vital for our brains. But I’ve read many articles and studies that show that omega-3 also helps us lose weight.

The latest I found is that it makes you burn MORE fat during . Here is how: Read more

Add omega-3 to your food

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Boost your food with flax seeds
Flax seeds work very well in many types of food both in cooking and baking. Flax seeds give a nutty flavor to the food.

Cook with flax seeds:

Adding flax seed oil to your stew or casserole is a very easy way to increase the amount of omega 3. Flax oil should not be heated over 140 F or 60 C so add the oil after you have removed the pot from the stove.

Add omega-3 and fibers to your breakfast by sprinkling ground flax seeds over your yogurt or cereal. If you eat cooked cereal then add the seeds after you have removed the pan from the stove.

Sprinkle ground flax seeds to salads or omelets.

Make a healthy bread spread with flax seed oil.

Flax seed sprouts have a spicy flavor. Read more about .

Bake with flax seeds: (when baking the oven is hot but inside the bread or muffin it is much cooler this is why the oil is not damaged during baking)

Ground flax seeds can be used in any bread. Simply replace 10-15% of the flour with ground flax seeds. This will not only make your bread healthier it also gives it a great taste.

Ground flax seed is a great to replace egg. It can be used in most baking such as muffins, pancakes, cookies and cakes.
1 tbsp ground flax seeds + 1 tbsp water = 1 egg

Flaxseeds, natural inexpensive omega-3 from your grocery store

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Do you eat oily cold water fish less than 3 times a week? Then the magical little flaxseed might be your answer to naturally increase your omega-3 intake.

Flaxseeds are a very rich source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. The oil contains over 50% essential fatty acid and one teaspoon of flaxseed oil is enough to fill our daily need. One teaspoon of flax seeds contain about one teaspoon flax oil. Flaxseeds also provide abundant fiber, about 60% of which is soluble fiber.

Flaxseed health benefits

The omega-3 acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is beneficial for heart disease, , arthritis, and a number of other health problems. Many clinicians believe that because of its high levels of omega-3 flaxseed is helpful for treating acne.
The soluble fiber is effective in helping control blood sugar levels and reducing blood cholesterol LDL levels as well as keeping the digestive system healthy.
Because of its high levels of lignans, flax seeds benefit the heart and possess anti-cancer properties.

Improve digestion and clean the colon with flaxseeds

Both flaxseeds and psyllium seeds can be used to improve digestion and clean the intestines.
The seeds swell to a gelatinous mass, helping to absorb toxins and speed transit time of waste through the intestine.
Put 1 teaspoon of flaxseeds or psyllium seeds in a clean glass and clover with filtered water. Let stand in room temperature over night. In the morning a gel has been created and it is ready to drink.

Flaxseed in different forms

Whole flaxseeds pass through our bodies without breaking down. This way we will not absorb any of the healthily omega-3 rich oil that is held inside the seeds.

Flaxseed oil or flax oil also known as linseed oil quickly become rancid and must be stored in a refrigerator. It is packaged in black plastic bottles or dark brown glass bottles to protect it from light. It will last about 6 weeks after opening but can easily be stored much longer in the freezer.

If you want to get the most out of the flax seeds you should use ground flaxseeds. When the seeds are ground the omega-3 rich oil becomes accessible for the body but the dietary fibers are not removed as in flax oil. Since the oil quickly becomes rancid the ground seeds must be stored in the fridge. I absolutely recommend to ground the flax seeds yourself right before you use them. It is fast, easy, inexpensive and you don’t have to worry about storage.

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Skin Moisturizing Tips For Winter

November 18, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

everlastingly by kygp on Flickr

The harsh cold weather during winter can really damage your skin. If you don’t take good care of your skin, you will likely have chapped and very .

But this can be avoided if you make sure that your skin is sufficiently moisturized.

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Cold temperature and dry air can definitely bring changes to your skin’s health and appearance. The most common skin care problems this season are dryness, and pigmentation. So how can we naturally combat nature’s effect upon our skin?

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