How to truly benefit from the food you eat

By Carolin 

What is the point of eating healthy nutritious food if your body can not digest and benefit from it? Here below are some ideas on how you can eat to allow you body to absorb the nutrients in your food.

  • Focus on your food. Try to keep your mind on your food at this moment. Don’t think about a problem at work or what you’re going to do next. Don’t even think about the food you ate yesterday but simply focus and enjoy on the food in front of you. This relaxes you mind and allows you to enjoy and digest your food properly.
  • Eat slowly. If you eat fast you stress you body and digestion. If you allow eating to take time you relax your body and let you digestive system work at an optimum level. If you are a fast eater try to put down your knife and fork between each bite. This simple trick has helped me a lot. Normally I have the next bite is loaded on the fork waiting for my mouth to open long before I’m done chewing. Simply putting knife and fork down on the table makes a huge difference. Often it’s enough to put my wrists on the table but if I’m more stressed I let go of the cutlery and don’t touch them again until I’m done chewing and have swallowed.
  • Chew your food. Yes, we’ve all heard it before and yes chewing is really important. It breaks the food down in smaller pieces, the saliva lubricates the food and chewing triggers the rest of the digestions process. In short digestion starts in the mouth so chew your food properly.
  • Stop before you’re too full. If you fill up your stomach too much there will be no room for the enzymes to break down the food. Eating until you get the feeling that you’re really full is a very bad habit that slowly expands your stomach more and more and more. And consequently you need to eat more and more and more to get that (over)full feeling. Eating too much is a habit that can be hard to break. My suggestion is to limit your portion, if you need it use a smaller plate. When you have finished your food and before you take another serving ask yourself “Am I hungry?”. If you answer is yes than take another portion but this time don’t put no more food on your plate than half of what you did the first time. If your answer is no than you’re done eating. Note that you should not think about whether or not you’re full but whether or not you hungry. The difference may seam small but in reality it is huge. The result is fantastic. You’ll feel better, you’re digestion will work better and if you’re used to overeating this simple change will make you loose weight.
  • Sit down quietly for a couple of minutes before your meal. This allows you to slow down and help you to focus on your food. It is especially important if you’re upset or stressed.
  • Sit down quietly for a couple of minutes after you meal. By sitting down quietly instead of rushing off somewhere you give your digestion a smooth start. If you have regular problems with your digestion you might consider lying down for 30 minutes after you meal.
  • Sit down while you eat. You’re body can not relax when it is walking. It is so easy to grab something on the go but you really need to sit down, relax and enjoy your food. Eating when under stress or in a hurry inhibits the production of hydrochloric acid and enzymes that are necessary for proper digestion.
  • Don’t eat anything else for 2-3 hours. Your stomach needs time to digest the food before more is added. When you’ve finished you meal do not eat anything else until the food is fully digested. This is also very important for you oral health and you teeth.
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