Eat natural, healthy food

By Carolin 

What you put in your month has a major effect on your health. I fully believe in the statement “you are what you eat”. We need food and water to survive but eating has become more about taste and socializing. It’s funny how we tend to gather around the food that is bad for us such as alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Since there are so much great tasting food that is good for you why make the unhealthy choice.
Food should give you the nutrients you need and it should give you a minimum of toxins. On top of this you need a lot of water.

These foods are preferably fresh, organic and raw. Of course not all foods can be eaten raw.

  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • raw nuts
  • whole seeds and beans
  • whole rice, quinoa, millet, spelt, there are tons of great whole wheat products (also as pasta) that can be used instead of white rice and pasta made from white flour
  • cold water oily fish
  • eggs
  • organic chicken

Choosing these foods will make you healthier and make you loose weight.

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