Fight Your Cold

By Carolin 

First and foremost I believe that one of the most important aspects in helping your body to fight disease is cleaning your body. Or flushing out the toxins or bacterial or what ever it is that is causing trouble. Basically I mean drinking water. Drink as much as you possibly can, it helps your body to clean out the system. If you’re physically up to it you might even consider fasting. I’ve had a bad totally disappear through a water fast that lasted from lunch until the next morning.

The first thing we think of as cold protection is probably . Since vitamin C is water-soluble it’s not stored in the body and therefore it needs to be added on a daily basis. A grown-up might need 1000-3000 mg per day and the need will be twice or three times as much if the immune system is attacked. It is better to spread out you vitamin C intake during the day than to take all of it at once. If you get diarrhea then stop since that is your body telling you that it’s had enough vitamin C.

Garlic is often called natures own antibiotics. Since garlic has both antibacterial and antiviral properties it is great for any cold or flu. It also removes mucus. It can be eaten raw, cooked in food or taken as a supplement.

Honey is antibacterial and antifungal properties and is great for fighting a cold. However honey should not be heated. So it’s important that you buy a high quality honey or raw honey. If you take honey in your hot drink don’t add it until the fluid is cold enough to drink.

Foods that remove mucus are: garlic, watercress, chicken and raspberries

There are also a number of foods you should avoid when you have a cold.
These are:

  • Sugar (your immune system can work poorly for up to 5 hours after eating sugar)
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy (if you have a lot of mucus)
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