Fat Food Turns Into Belly Fat Within Hours

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As much as three teaspoons of fat could be traced to belly or hips within hours of a fat rich dinner.

Researchers from Oxford university has studied how fast dietary fat can be found on our bodies. They found that with fat that we consume after lunch can be measured as body fat within five hours. Five hours after a late night dinner containing for 30 grams fat three teaspoons of body fat could be measured on belly or hips on normal sized persons. The effect was not the same for overweight people as the body fat then is stored around the organs.

Fat accumulation around your organs (visceral fat) can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes and other serious health problems.  Fat accumulation on the hips on the other hand has been showed to decrease heart disease and diabetes.


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How EFT Can Benefit Cancer Patients

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Today we are presenting a guest article by Melanie Bowen. Melanie Bowen  is an advocate for natural health and cure initiatives. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English with a specialty in Psychology and Medical Research, you will often find her highlighting the great benefits of different nutritional, emotional, and physical treatments on those with illnesses in her efforts to spread awareness.

, properly known as Emotional Freedom Technique, was originally developed as a way to release difficult and haunting emotions. It can be considered a form of “energy medicine,” and was developed as a technique to instantaneously release unnecessary energy. Cancer patients, including those suffering from mesothelioma cancer, breast cancer, or prostate cancer, will find relaxation and a newfound happiness with this tool. This is because research has demonstrated a link between releasing stress and success with cancer treatment. With EFT, the patient is usually told to tap their fingers and make contact with certain meridian points on their face and torso. They will simultaneously say certain phrases that trigger and release the stress and emotions. Use of a emotion rating habit will determine the change in emotion, and the technique unsurprisingly enjoys a high success rate– especially with relieving cancer patients.

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7 Ways to Boost Your Sexual Confidence

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is often about men and their attitude towards women. But how about us women?

Many women, even married women, would like some more passion in their life.

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Quinoa Nutrition Facts

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As super healthy inexpensive foods like and are getting more popular the need for facts and great recipes are increasing.

The first thing to say about quinoa is that it is a seed, not a grain.
The plant grows to about 2 meters high and the seeds are born on flower clusters. The leaves can be eaten like spinach and in fact quinoa and spinach come from the same plant group. The most common type of quinoa is the cream colored quinoa but you can get purple, red, orange or black. There is no nutritional difference between the different types of quinoa.

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H1N1 Vaccine Linked to Sleeping Disorder in Children

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After months of suspicion a Finish  study shows that children who got the swine flu vaccine Pandemix has a nine times higher risk of developing Narcoplepsy or dyssomnia. The is  now stopped in Finland.

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Food for Love – Best Aphrodisiac Foods

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Can food make us feel sexier? Can it even make us perform better?

has the reputation of increasing sex drive. You’ll be surprised to see how many regular foods that are natural aphrodisiacs.  First a list of the best foods and then a love menu that can’t go wrong.

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