Quinoa Nutrition Facts

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As super healthy inexpensive foods like and are getting more popular the need for facts and great recipes are increasing.

The first thing to say about quinoa is that it is a seed, not a grain.
The plant grows to about 2 meters high and the seeds are born on flower clusters. The leaves can be eaten like spinach and in fact quinoa and spinach come from the same plant group. The most common type of quinoa is the cream colored quinoa but you can get purple, red, orange or black. There is no nutritional difference between the different types of quinoa.

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8 Kinds Of Food For Protection Against Flu

November 20, 2009 by · 3 Comments 

a tea in Carouge by contagiousmemes on FlickrFor prevention of , the nutrients we get from our food are as important as maintaining proper hygiene and getting enough sleep and exercise. That’s why we must know the kinds of food that will surely build our to help our body fight diseases.

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Meyer Lemons Are In Season Now

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Our Delicious Meyer Lemons by alasam on Flickr trees are bearing fruits this season. That means we have the perfect source of in its purest form at this time of the year when sickness is prevalent. And with just a single squeeze of this citrus, you already have more than what you need for a tall glass of lemonade.

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Garlic Mushroom With Toast Recipe

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Garlic Mushrooms by Toni Girl on Flickr (sm)Mushrooms are a healthy addition to our diet this season. That’s why I am sharing a quick and healthy today.

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Berry Healthy

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Watch and learn everything you need to know about and all the health benefits you can get from them.

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Seaweeds Are Good For Your Health

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seaweeds_Sifu_Renka_sm are oftentimes referred to as sea vegetables, evidently because they are plants that grow in the sea. And just like land vegetables, sea weeds are also loaded with nutrients and minerals. Not a lot of people recognize the nutritional value of but historically, people around the world have been using it as part of their diet and medication for thousands of years.

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