15 Years Younger in Just 15 min a Week

October 23, 2008 by · 6 Comments 

run to be young

It is amazing how little you need to change your life!

If you increase your oxygen uptake with 20% you body becomes 15 years younger.

When I first read that I pictured myself for hour and hours in the running track. But if you give it all you’ve got you increase your oxygen uptake very fast.
Just 15 min a week has a significant effect on your lungs, heart and .

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Snacks for a Flat Belly

June 29, 2008 by · 88 Comments 

The time for a 100 crunches a day is finally over!

A Spanish research team has found that certain types of food actually removes .

It removes not only the visual fat that we see on our stomachs but also the dangerous fat around our intestines.

Surprisingly, the food is: Fat


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Natural treatment for Oily Skin and Acne

June 15, 2008 by · 56 Comments 

Did you know that some problem skin treatments are so harsh they actually make the skin more oily?

All skin types need to be nourished. But some or oily skin treatments are stripping the skin from its natural oil and dehydrating it. The skin then reacts with producing more oil to protect itself creating a vicious circle of hash treatment and more oily skin.

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How to Boost Your Natural Sunscreen

May 29, 2008 by · 10 Comments 

get a natural suntan  on the beach

Today there is an alert about toxic substances in sunscreen in the local newspaper.

18 sunscreen products were tested and Every Single One of them contained one or more substances that are harmful to the environment. 5 of the products, several with focus on children, contained substances that are illegal as UV-filters.

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Easy Exercise to Cure Stiff Neck

December 14, 2006 by · 26 Comments 



I used to wake up every morning with a .

For years I slept with a pillow from Tempur and yes that certainly helped but it still wouldn’t make the stiffness go away. I was even considering buying a new bed.

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