Rose Hip Soup Recipe – An Anti-Aging Recipe

July 28, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

rosehip recipe

This soup is a pure antioxidant bomb. Rose hips are one of the best plant sources of and the almonds add the vitamin E you need to keep biological age young.

Wild roses can be found all over the word so the best thing you can do is get out there a pick them fresh.  If you don’t feel like going outside most health food stores sell dried rose hips.  The soup is sweet, creamy and very well suited as dessert or snack. However, with it’s high levels of vitamin C serves great an when you feel that you’re coming down with something.

When I was a child my mom would serve this soup hot on cold winter days or when I was sick. As a special treat she would add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I loved it.

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Battle the Viruses with Garlic Soup

February 12, 2010 by · 3 Comments 

garlic soup recipe

Talk about sneaky. No one would know that I added over 15 cloves to this recipe.

Today I really felt like we needed an and boost. Garlic is the easy answer to that. But HOW was I going to get garlic in the kids. Sure I use garlic a lot in my cooking but nowhere near as much as I used in this recipe.

So for dinner today I made my first garlic soup. I don’t even think that I had ever had garlic soup before.

It was so tasty.  It wasn’t spicy and it didn’t taste or smell of garlic. It just had a really full taste. A powerful version of a tomato soup.

We all loved it!

I bet it will give me a calm day tomorrow cause no one will want to talk to me. ;)

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Delicious and Healthy Avocado Soup

November 2, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Creamy Avocado Soup by devlyn on FlickrAvocados have 2 most widely known health benefits. They help lower bad cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.

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