Women Use Food For Comfort

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Women eat with their heart rather than with their stomachs.

Women need to be observant with their eating patterns. A Danish study showed that almost every fourth woman eat food or candy for other reasons than hunger  while only 16% of the Danish men eat for other reasons than hunger.  The results are explained with men and women reactions to stress.

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7 Best Ways to Stop Overeating

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How do you ?

It’s really easy to stop eating too much. The idea is that you leave the table satisfied. It’s all about habit and with a few easy tricks you can give your body a chance to let your brain know that you really are satisfied. You don’t need anymore food.

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Celebrity Weight Loss Tips

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heidi klum diet

Even if we know that if we just cut back on certain types of food we’ll loose those extra pounds it’s not always that easy to put it into practice. So why not get some ideas from others? How do they do it?

I found a video that shows ideas from celebrities.

Personally I prefer Heidi Klum’s egg snacks and and Madonna’s Dandelion Leaf .

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The Weight Loss Battle Is Won or Lost In Your Mind

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Is your social life to busy for you to go on a diet?

Then you want to learn more about the Eat Stop Eat program. It’s a program for people who want to fast but do  NOT want to change their whole lifestyle. Brad makes a good point in this article. Losing weight is all in your own mind.

Today is the day that you make up your mind to start losing weight!

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7 Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes

June 22, 2010 by · 7 Comments 

weight loss

Do you feel like you’ll never have success with your ?

Without knowing it, you might be making these . They may seem harmless but reaching your goal weight can be hard and you want to make it as easy as you can on yourself.

1.    Skipping meals
Skipping a meal usually has an adverse effect on your diet goals. You are much more likely to fall for unhealthy snacks and most people will compensate for the saved calories by eating more later during the day. Always eat 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks a day.

2.    Grocery shopping hungry
It’s almost as if the unhealthy, fast sugar and fat products just jump into the chart when you’re grocery shopping hungry. Ideally eat a meal before you go to the store but if you find yourself there with a screaming stomach simply purchase a fruit and eat it. Then continue your shopping.

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5 Effective Weight Loss Foods

May 4, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

effective weight loss food

Do you want to without  going on a diet?

Would it be great to lose a couple of pounds before the summer? With smart eating habits you can lose 10 pounds in just 50 days.

It’s not like dieting; depriving yourself from the foods you like or following a strict regime that might jeopardize your health. It’s about eating tasty food and adding the magic tricks that will make those extra pounds melt away. More protein and less simple carbs is the current best method to lose weight.

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