Is ADF the Answer?

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Have the popularity of gone too far?

In UK a 52-year-old mother received more than £800,000 after suffering permanent brain damage while on a that instructed her to reduce her salt intake and consume large amounts of .

Long extreme detox plans are not only potentially dangerous, they are also very hard to stick to.

That is where the ADF or Alternate-Day Fast comes in.

Fasting one day and then eating normal the next.

The ADF is much easier to stick to and you can still go about your social life as usual during the days when you are not fasting. But is it effective?

A study on mice showed that even eating half the food every other day and normal amounts the next gave a fat cell loss of 35%.

Read more in Times Online article Is detox safe?

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3 ways to Detox Your Hair

June 8, 2008 by · 21 Comments 

You probably never thought about it but your shampoo is very likely to contain silicone derivatives.

The Good thing is that silicone derivatives adds luster and sheen to your hair.
The Bad thing is that they cause tumor in lungs and thorax.

How they work
Silicone derivatives are use in 99% of the shampoos on the market today. They make the hair look shiny as they coat the hair in a plastic like rap. This might feel ok until you learn that the same plastic coat causes cancer when it is put on lab rats.

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Detox recipes

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juicer recipe

Maybe you want to to secure your spring weight loss or because of the unhealthy food we stuff ourselves with, spring is a great time to . I find much easier than fasting. All you need is to find some good recipes and get started. Today I scanned the web and look what I found.

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How to know if You Need a Colon Cleanse

February 11, 2008 by · 9 Comments 

No matter where I turn the message is there:

The foundation of health begins in our digestive system.

For me the idea that a lot of our undigested food gets stuck in our intestines is revolting. Our intestine gets thicker and thicker while the canal where the food passes gets smaller and smaller.

But how can I know just how good or bad MY digestive system is working?

It is very easy. Chances are fair that you have all you need at home and can get started in about 30 sec. Basically as soon as you’ve finished reading this post.

Simply do this:

Grab a handful of shelled sunflower seeds and swallow them with as little chewing as possible.

Now all you have to do is look out for when then seeds come out in the other end.

If the seeds show up in up to 12 hours you’re in pretty good shape. But if it is more maybe even several days. Well, then you know you need to do something about it.

Remember to keep looking for a couple of days because it might be that some show up after 12 hours but that some take several days to pass.


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How to Detox an Unhealthy Meal

February 7, 2008 by · 4 Comments 

Can a single meal be dangerous?

According to TIME magazine it takes only one high-fat, high-sugar meal can trigger a biochemical cascade, causing inflammation of blood vessels and immediate, detrimental changes to the nervous system.

Sounds pretty scary. Does this mean that we ALWAYS have to watch out with EVERYTHING we eat?

Of course not. I want to live a long healthy life and I’m really conscious about what I eat but still I’m only human.

I believe in the 80 / 20 rule.

If you eat healthy 80 percent of the time you can eat unhealthy the other 20. Read more

2 in 1: Trim Waistline and Body Detox with 3 min Yoga

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© Photographer: Mario Beauregard | Agency:

I am one of those people who gain around the waist first. I’m allways trying to find new fun ways to trim my waistline. Therefore I’d like to share this great exercise that helps your body and…trims your waistline.

I really like Yoga. It gives you strength, flexibility and peace of mind. Ever since I started working (spending a lot of time in front of the computer) I’ve had problems with back ache. For long periods I could not do any workout since I had too much pain. This was until I found Yoga.

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