Raw food weekend; a body cleanse for rookies

Does the thought of fasting make you feel hungry? Here is a great and above all EASY way to start a healthier life and clean your body from toxins: A RAW FOOD WEEKEND. There is no long, overwhelming commitment. No worries about being too hungry as you will eat solid food full of fibers. It won’t affect you work since you will only change your diet during the weekend.
Sounds promising? Well it is. Everyone can follow through with this raw weekend.

You will need to do a bit of planning:

  1. Set a date. Choose a weekend where you have no social activities that involve eating planned. Doing this weekend cleanse while you have a barbeque at the neighbors is just making life hard on yourself. So find an appropriate weekend and block it in your calendar.
  2. Decide on what to eat. Raw foods are foods which have never been heated above 116 Fahrenheit or 46 °Celsius. This does not only exclude cooked food but also dairy and most juices since they have been pasteurized. You should eat fresh raw vegetables, fresh raw fruit, raw nuts and sprouts. You should drink freshly squeezed juices and as much clean water (spring water or filtered water) as you possibly can. Since you will eat sprouts start by choosing what to sprout. I recommend chickpeas, lentils, radish seeds and alfalfa seeds. The reasons I recommend these are because they taste good and are easy to .
  3. Shop for food. Since it takes a couple of days for your seeds to sprout you need to do you initial shopping at least 5 days before you start your cleanse.
  4. Prepare and plan. Now it’s time to get started. Follow the steps for easy sprouting. Also decide what else to eat. Will you eat salads or do you feel inspired enough to surf the web and search for exciting recipes for raw food.
  5. Shop the fresh food. Now its time to make a real shopping list it should look something like this:
        • Local fruits that are in season
        • Your favorite fruits and vegetables
        • Root vegetables
        • Grapes or other sweet fruit
        • Raw nuts (not roasted of salted)
        • If you like vinegar on you salad get some raw apple cider vinegar

Whenever you can and the price is within reason choose organic food. If possible go to the local farmers market to do your shopping. Here you will find good quality and really great tasting products. Buy more than you think you will eat. It’s very hard to stand hungry in a kitchen full of forbidden food.

When you leave the house during your cleanse always bring some water and a fruit, some nuts or something else to snack on. This way you a less likely to fall for the temptation of buying some foods you are not supposed to eat.
So now you are ready to go. After this weekend you will feel lighter, have more energy and have less toxins in you body.

Eating raw food is a much easier way to clean your body than fasting. But if you are sick or recovering form illness, consult with your physician first. Never do a body cleanse if you are pregnant or lactating.
Changing your diet to raw food may cause gases. This is because the fibers in raw foods are intact, unlike cooked foods’ fibers, which are broken down by heat.

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