How To Lose Your Love Handles

Losing your love handles does not have to be time consuming. In fact just making a few changes will help you on your way to a leaner waist line.

Controlling your food intake is of course like with any is the first thing you need to concentrate on. Even little adjustments to your current diet can reduce your calorie intake which can lead to . There are 3500 calories in one pound so by cutting just 100 calories a day from your regular diet it is possible for you to lose up to 10 pounds a year.

Simple ways to lose up to 10 pounds a year and forever lose those love handels are:

Love handes are signs that you have a to high carb intake. The number one thing you should do is to cut down on fast carbohydrates such as instant rice and white bread and pasta.

DO – eat lots of fresh leafy greens

DO – replace white bread and pasta with whole grain or wheat options

DO - eat lean proteins, fish and seafood

DO - eat fresh fruits in place of cookies and cakes

DON’T- skip meals. Your body needs fuel to function properly

DON’T- eat late at night. Your body needs time to process before resting.

DON’T- eat a lot of starchy foods in one meal. If having fast foods skip the fries and even the bun.

Exercise those love handles away

Exercise is another important step in losing those love handles. Cardio exercise is very important. Cardio exercise helps strengthen your heart and burns calories. Cardio exercises include walking, running and bicycling. It is also important to do exercises that target the mid-section, like side bends and waist twist. Find exercises that work for you and do them 4-5 times a week.

This video shows some great exercises that targets the mid-section. The exercises are especially chosen to reducing love handles. Don’t get put off by the first exercie that’s kind of tricky, they get easier as you go.


Massage to get rid of love handles

Another thing that is also beneficial to weight loss and losing those love handles is massage. No it won’t actually make you slim, but scientific research shows that it can aid in weight loss. If done properly, massage breaks down the fat capsules allowing the body to absorb the fat. Other benefits of massage are just as important. Massage can relieve the stress felt in the muscles from exercise, increase circulation, and provide a sense of well being.

Losing those love handles does not require a total change in your life style. A few simple eating changes, a few more steps and an appointment with your massage therapist will help you lose those few extra inches.

Sleep is important for your love handles

The last and probably easiest thing you need to do to get rid of love handles is to make sure you get enough sleep. Skip the alarm clock,  go to bed before 10 pm and sleep until you feel rested. Most people need 7 to 9 hours sleep.

Image by Elmo H Love

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