Avoid these 7 Risks of Sleep Loss

By Carolin 

deprivation or loss is very common. No only adults suffer from loss but the problems is increasing in children. loss can have serious effects even if you only slept one hour less than you needed. It can not only make you feel tired but your social skills are affected and you’ll probably crave sugar and eat a lot more food. deprivation has been linked to obesity.

Here are 7 risks with :

1. Irritation

Your brain needs sufficient sleep to function. Just one hour less sleep per night can have a negative effect on your social skills.

2. Sugar Cravings

Experts have found a connection between sugar cravings and lack of sleep. If you find yourself often reaching out for sugary foods to boost your energy levels this may be a sign of sleep deprivation.

3. Hunger!

Dr. Van Cauter at University of Chicago have found that short-term sleep restriction damaged the body’s ability to regulate eating by lowering levels of leptin, the hormone that tells the body when it has had enough. This can quickly lead to overeating.

4. Lack of energy and frequent colds

Experts have linked sleep to how well our immune system works. If you suffer from lack of energy or frequent colds it’s advisable to consider if you get enough sleep.

5. Walk and talk in your sleep

According to National Sleep Foundation (NSF) walking or talking in your sleep can be a sign of lack of sleep.

6. Trouble Multitasking

The ability to focus can be easily diminished if you have slept less than you need for a period of time. You might still easily perform a task you’ve done several times while new challenges may cause problems. Sleep loss can also give you trouble making decisions, especially if something unexpected happens.

7. Clumsiness

Did sleep well last night? Then you’re reactions will affected today and maybe even tomorrow. You simply can’t control you muscles as well if you’ve had sleep loss and you can also have trouble with pronunciation.


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