Fix Dry Skin with Olive Oil

By Carolin 


The fastest and most important fix to is to moisturize.

But for many people with dry skin regular moisturizers are not enough. At first you feel a little bit better but the positive effect is short and sometimes you feel even more dry afterward. That’s when it’s better to switch to a body oil.

Body oil is often recommended as treatment for dry skin. The main ingredient is usually (hopefully) oils extracted from natural sources, such as from fruit or vegetable seeds. Body oils are smooth and are normally applied on damp skin.

Before you go to the beauty store and spend money on a new product, check your kitchen cabinet. is  a ingredient in products. It is high in antioxidants including vitamin E and it’s also a good source of essential fatty acids. Great for dry skin.

The difference with the olive oil in your kitchen cabinet and the typical body oil in your beauty store is that olive oil is that it is fatter and needs to be applied in a slightly different manner.

The easiest way to apply olive oil as body oil is to:

  1. Apply the olive oil while you are in the shower
  2. Massage the oil on your skin
  3. Rinse the excess oil
  4. After the shower dry your skin with a towel and let your skin dry for about 10 min before getting dressed.

You have now used a very potent oil to fix dry skin and you also saved a lot of money. The best choice of olive oil is extra virgin olive oil since it is less processed and contains more nutrients than other olive oil. You can also use almond oil, sesame oil and coconut oil top help your dry skin.

For extra support during the day make your own homemade moisturizer with just olive oil and bees wax.


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