7 Best Ways to Stop Overeating

By Carolin 


How do you ?

It’s really easy to stop eating too much. The idea is that you leave the table satisfied. It’s all about habit and with a few easy tricks you can give your body a chance to let your brain know that you really are satisfied. You don’t need anymore food.

How To :

1. Leave the Food in the Kitchen

Put the serving you would like to eat on your plate and leave pots and pans on the stove while you eat elsewhere. Not seeing food will make it easier to stick to one serving.

2. Take a Break

If you feel that you need a second serving, stop and take a break and leave the table.

3. Round of Dinner with a Cup of Tea

If you round of dinner with a cup of tea you get a little extra satisfactory feeling without adding any calories. If you choose red tea or a licorice tea you also get something to satisfy your sweet tooth since these teas are naturally sweet.

4. Use a Small Plate

The visual impression is important and you will feel as if you’re eating more if you serve a full small plate than a half full large plate.

5. Leave when You’re Done

Don’t stay and socialize at the table. Move to a different location where there is no food.

6. Eat slowly

Chew every bit properly and take notice of every bite.

7. Drink Water

Drink 1 glass of water 5 min before dinner.



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One Response to “7 Best Ways to Stop Overeating”

  1. Stasy from ipad application design on February 3rd, 2011 10:02 am

    yeah, actually the advice about drinking water is quite useful. the water fills your stomach and you can’t really eat much. thank you

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