Exercise You Don’t Notice: Shape-Up Shoes Review

shape-ups shoes

“I don’t need those, I’ve got running shoes..”

That was my first thought when I saw Skechers ..

..then I started hear more and more good things about them.

  • Strengthens your back.
  • Burn more calories.
  • They work your abs.
  • Give you better posture.

I even heard of someone who got rid of  incontinence with the help of Shape-Ups. When my friend visited from Sweden and told me that they sell for 300 bucks over there.  I decided that it was worth $100 to give them a try. And I can tell you it was worth every penny.

I picked up a pair of  black and white Shape-ups from Skechers.

First Impression

The first thing I noticed is that it felt like walking on bouncy cushions. I felt very tall. No wonder considering how high they are but they also make you straighten up your posture so the effect is double.

Getting Started

I didn’t follow the instructions to use them for only 45 minutes the first two days, I never follow instructions. NO I just put them on and did my thing. The first two I had a lot of errands to run so that’s what I did. The shoes were very comfortable and very warm and I enjoyed wearing them.

I  just wore just wore my new shoes doing what I normally do errands, dropping of and picking up kids and I only wore them outside the house. This is what happened:

The first night I felt my back.

The second night I felt my butt.

The third night I my transverse abs joined the party.

Even if I was very happy about my first results of the shape up shoes I do recommend that you follow the instructions.

I was very impressed by the effect I felt by the Shape-Ups. I had to remind myself to stretch since I didn’t think about the fact that I was working out. After three days I decided I was probably better off using them every other day as I built up the strength in my back. The shoes toned my muscles much more that I had expected.

A week after I’d purchased the shoes I took them on a power walk. It was a very comfortable and the bouncy effect made me  feel very fit.  But I must confess that the work-out was impressive. I normally have to work very hard to get out of breath by walking but that was not the case when I was wearing the my new shoes.

How they work

The secret to these wonder shoes is their rocker bottom. This dynamic rocker bottom simulates walking on soft sand. The way your heel digs into the soft sand, and as your foot rolls forward, your center of gravity shifts to the midsole until it reaches your toes, which then press down to lift you to your next step. The extra effort you need to put in to keep your balance make your muscles work a bit more with every step. This makes for a great workout for thighs, legs, butt and abs.

Pros and Cons with Skechers Shape-Ups Shoes:

+ comfortable

+ tones calves, back, abs and buttocks

+ corrects posture

+ increase resistance while you walk which improves your circulation and helps you burn more fat

+ improved circulation helps combat cellulite’s

- warm

- since you don’t really notice that you work out it’s easy to forget to stretch after wards

I’ve got a lot of compliments for how my Shape-Up shoes look. They come in so many styles there is more or less something for everyone who can live without high heels.


I can definitely recommend the shape-up shoes. If you can planning to use them indoors or during the summer months I would consider one of the open shoes since the sneaker is very warm. It is also very important to remember to stretch your muscles and remember let them rest. If you work your back muscles during fitness you stretch out after wards and you don’t get surprised if you feel your muscles the next day.  Same goes for these shoes. They really work your back with is excellent since a lot of people suffer from back and neck pain however we also have a tendency to think that ache in our back muscles is dangerous. Just like any other muscles in your body the muscles in your back can get sore.

The shoes comes with a booklet and a DVD, it is probably a good idea to read the instructions.

Remember to build up your strength slowly and stretch your muscles after using your new shoes and you will love your Shape-Up shoes.

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