Weight Loss Fast Day 1

By Carolin 

take the plunge

Last Sunday I was ready to take the plunge.

I had been waiting for the perfect day to fast. That day never showed up.

There was always something. Lunch I had to go to. Kids I had to take care of. Appointments I couldn’t miss. Or of course my Thursday Zumba class.You can’t fast and exercise, right?

On Sunday I realized that there would never be a perfect day for a fast. I felt bloated, dehydrated and fat from a dinner party the night before.

So I made up my mind. I would start my weight loss fast after dinner that night.

The idea is to consume as few calories are possible from after dinner on day until dinner the next. By water fasting for 24 hours I will lower my total calorie intake even if I don’t change my normal diet.

We’ll see if it works. I’m going to drink only water and tea during my fast. Anything with no calories works but I wouldn’t recommend diet sodas since they typically make you more hungry. Coffee would work.

Doubts were going through my mind:

Would I get really hungry?

Would I feel to weak to take care of the things I had to do?

Would I get a head ache?

Would I transform into the worst version of myself?

Would I make it?

I couldn’t help being a little concerned since I would have 3 kids at home all afternoon. The I decided that it would be ok. After all the house is full of food and if the fast really didn’t work out I could always eat something.

So I did it. I plunged in.

Here is the log I wrote during the  24-hours:

6.15 pm Finished dinner, I’m full. No more food for 24-hours.

8.30pm Having a cup of herbal tea, still full

10:30p Find myself looking around for food despite the fact that I am feeling full. Maybe it’s time to go to bed….

Midnight Starting to feel hungry. Bringing a bottle of water to bed. I’ll probably wake up starving.

7:30am Tired (as always) but for that I have myself and a book to blame. I ‘m not hungry, surprisingly. I feel pretty good actually. Time to get up and make breakfast, for the kids that is..

9:30am Wow, that was an efficient morning. You do have a lot of extra time when you don’t eat breakfast. All the kids are off to school and I’m going to make myself a pot of green tea. Starting to get hungry.

10:45am Had 2 cups of green decaf and my hunger is gone. I think I’ll have some herbal peppermint tea for dessert while finish my personal footprint for a class I’m taking.

11:15am With a pleasant peppermint taste in my mouth I’m taking off to pick-up 1 preschooler and 2 kindergartners. Then I’ll have to make them lunch. That will be interesting. By the way my ecological footprint is 2.58.

12:15pm Came home from elementary school to find my husband had made soup for himself and the kids. Grateful that I didn’t have to make lunch. That soup smelled so good. Feel like I have to watch what my hands are up to. While I was chatting to my husband over yet another cup of tea and I saw my hand reaching out for a piece of cheese. Oops. Then when I put the milk back in the fridge it almost reached out for a piece of bell pepper. And those clementines are really shiny. I’m not really hungry. I’m not longing for food. It’s just the habit of putting food in my mouth that I need to watch.

2:00pm Not very hungry but I wouldn’t mind eating.

2:15pm 4 hours to go. Maybe it’s time to start preparing dinner..?

2:50pm I think I want freshly bake bread tonight. I’d better get started.

4:15pm Back home after 2nd grade pick-up. I have tons of energy, don’t know what to do with it.

4:30 I just made a crazy decision. I’m going to join the rest of the family to the gym. They all have swim lessons and I think that I’m going to do some fitness. I’m not a fitness person I tired to make myself go last spring but after a couple of times I stopped, as always.

5:05 Prepared some dinner for myself to have after fitness. A small salad with prosciutto and my bread rolls. The rolls will be ready in 5 min. It smells like heaven in here.

5:50pm On the elliptic, hungry, what did I get myself into? (yes I brought my iPhone)

6pm Feeling great, warm up done ready for the machines.

6:45pm Sitting with my meal in front of me. I feel fantastic!
Fitness was great. I used low weights. I blame the fast for that decision but to be perfectly honest since I hadn’t done any fitness for 10 months… The food taste great! Now I’m going to play with my kids in the pool.

8:10pm Back home. I feel fantastic!

Next morning I woke up feeling awesome. I had extra energy for 48 hours after I finished the fast. I’m pretty sure I ate less during those days too. It was as if I did less pointless eating. Instead I appreciated what I put in my mouth.

I’m really surprised that I got an energy kick instead of a down. I must admit that normally I get very impatient and pretty horrible when I’m hungry. That didn’t happen at all. I never felt as if I had a blood sugar low. I never felt bad. I never felt like I couldn’t go on.

You have so much time on your hands when you don’t have to worry about food.

You don’t spend any money. At least not on food and drinks. I did use a fair amount of tea bags but that won’t add up to much.

Intermittent fasting is a really cool thing. I’m going to do this again because I want to lose weight but I really don’t feel like dieting.

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