“I’m Glad I Don’t Throw Up During Recess Anymore”

By Carolin 

girl on slide

 How can it be surprising that kids will behave better in if they have a quiet lunch?

An environment were children eat as fast as they can so that they can run out for recess is just bad.

They need a quite moment to sit down and enjoy their  just like everyone else.

In this NewYork Times article  Play, Then Eat: Shift May Bring Gains at School they intview teachers and principals from schools that changed the schedule so the kids have recess first and then lunch.

By the end of the year, nurse visits had dropped 40 percent, with fewer headaches and stomachaches. One child told school workers that he was happy he didn’t throw up anymore at recess.

  Throw up at recess!

“We saved 15 minutes every day,” Dr. Hartley continued, “because kids could play, then go into the cafeteria and eat and cool down, and come back to the classroom and start academic work immediately.”

 I really can not understand that this come as a surprise.  It seams like we organize school after convenience rather than after our childrens needs.

Also I think that we have our food culture to blame.
Food has gotten such a low priority in our lives.  We don’t take the time to cook a proper meal. We don’t take the time to have breakfast. We don’t take the time to sit down and have a family dinner.

Our priorities form our kids and have large impact on thier lives.  How will they eat when they grow up?

Freeze dried astronaut food on the go, perhaps?


Image by / CC BY 2.0

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