Good Morning Stretching Routines

By pam 

365.80 stretch by rachellake on FlickrIf you have limited time for exercises and workouts, you can at least do a few quick movements enough to give you energy that will last for a day. We all want to be fit and move around better but not everybody has the time or willingness to work hard for it. A good alternative is to stretch every morning.

Doing these quick exercises will not only keep you energized for the day, it will also strengthen your body in the long run.

Esteem Yourself shares with us more health benefits of and a few basic routines that you can do everyday.

Benefits of Stretching
Muscle relaxation
Better coordination
Lower chance of injury.
Body circulation
Less stress
Mind relaxation
More energy

Stretching Routines
Stomach Stretch:
1. Lie with your stomach on the floor and stretch your legs behind you.
2. Place your hands on the ground and push up so that they are straight.
3. Try to hold it there for 15 seconds so that you get a good stretch.
4. Repeat as many times as needed.

Back Stretch:
1. Lie down with your back on the floor.
2. Put your arms flat on the ground next to your legs and raise your legs towards your head.
3.Touch the floor past your head if you are able to.
4. Hold your legs there for 15 seconds.
5. Repeat as many times as needed.

Leg and Back Stretch:
1. Sit on the floor.
2. Put your legs together in front of you.
3. Stretch your hands towards your toes.
4. Hold your legs there for 15 seconds.
5. Repeat as many times as needed.

Just a couple of reminders: it is best to consult with your physician before attempting any exercises and remember not to bounce when you are stretching to avoid injury.

Enjoy your morning stretches and have a good day!

Image by rachellake.
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