Lentil Walnut Burger Recipe

By pam 

veggieburger_JMRosenfeld_smLast week, we’ve shown you how to make a healthy pizza. This week, we’re going to have a ! It is both healthy and delicious, you’re definitely going to love it. I loved it too. It fills you up but at least, you know that it’s made of good and healthy stuff.



Here’s a video that will show you how to make a lentil walnut burger.

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Veggie Burgers are a nutritional alternative to beef burgers. Many people don’t think of making their own veggie burgers but they are really easy to make at home. Store bought veggie burgers are nutritional but often very high in sodium and preservatives. You can substitute the eggs in this recipe with “flax eggs” which are a mix of 6 tbsp ground flax to 2 tbsp boiling water. The milk in this recipe can be substituted with either soya milk or rice milk. This makes the recipe completely vegan!

Lentils are high in fiber which makes them a good protector against bowel cancer. I recommend organic, low sodium lentils if you are buying canned. They are an excellent source of protein and are an important source of B vitamins, especially B3, which is essential for both a healthy nervous system and digestive system. They are high in iron, zinc and calcium and are a good replacement for red meat. Like meat, the iron in lentils is better absorbed when they are eaten with a good source of vitamin C like leafy green vegetables.

Walnuts are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, a special type of fat that is essential for our bodies, but that the body cannot produce. Walnuts are also a very good source of monounsaturated fats. Walnuts contain many powerful antioxidants, including ellagic and gallic acids, pus antioxidant phenols and vitamin E. The minerals copper and manganese are also found in abundance in these tasty nuts.

Image by JMRosenfeld.
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One Response to “Lentil Walnut Burger Recipe”

  1. emer from everyday-vegetarian-recipes on October 5th, 2010 2:38 pm

    These look great. Lentils and walnuts are a really good combination. Making your own veggie burgers is a great idea for taste reasons but also to help you control the salt and fat content. It’s also much easier than many people think. They freeze very well too so there’s no excuse! I have more recipes here

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