Detox Your Liver with a Flush

By Carolin 

We can only last up to 24 hours without function. The has many functions. It produces substances that break down fats, makes certain amino acids, filters harmful substances from the blood and it stores of vitamins and minerals.
Our livers are vital.

I have always assumed that occur in the gallbladder. But I just found out that this is not the case. Most are actually formed in the liver.

It is estimated that one billion people in the world will suffer gall bladder disease at some stage in their life.
In the United States, 20 million adults suffer from attacks of gallstones every year.

To avoid unnecessary pain and surgery it might be a good idea to try to flush out the stones before they cause too much damage.

Check out this on . It’s funny, disgusting and scary.

Visit the site here:
Liver Detox – rapidly flush your liver of Gall Stones

Flush – A Natural Method for Releasing Liver & Gall Bladder “stones”. As part of my own personal lifestyle changes, and my attempts to lose weight and get healthy, I decided to look for a liver cleaning program, …

Here are some more voices about flushing and detoxing your liver:

Cleaning Your LIVER

You can get more variants of the liver flush in Some people expel stones on the first flush. Some on the second. It would be wise to do at least 2 flushes. Once per month. Until you see none. …

Another Liver Flush Weekend

That’s what I do on Liver Flush weekends… at least for the first part of the weekend. We got an early start on this one by starting Friday. The only restriction the first day is that you can’t have anything with fat in it. …

Detox Tea

They often stimulate the functions of the liver and can aid in improving the ailing conditions. The liver detox tea also increases the strength of the liver. It allows the liver to increase the synthesis of protein and digestion of fat. …

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