How to Cook Amaranth

amaranth with apple and walnuts

The tiny seeds of the plant is a very nutirious whole grain.

It is sold in health food stores and mostly used to replace rice, pasta, couscous or, my favorite, quinoa.

It is smaller than quinoa still it contains twice as much  as cows milk and 3 times more fiber than wheat.

Amaranth is high in protein and it is much easier to digest than animal proteins. On top of all this amaranth is gluten-free.

Amaranth contains healthy fatty acids. The downside to that is that you need to store the seeds right to protect the acids from becoming rancid. The best way to store amaranth is in a  tightly sealed container, such as a glass jar, in the refrigerator. This way the seeds keeps for three to six months.

  1. Amaranth seeds can be grained in a mill and used as flour.
  2. They can be popped to a healthy, nutty popcorn snack.
  3. They can be roasted.
  4. They can be cooked.
  5. Or sprouted.
  6. Or simply added to a stir-fry.
  7. In a  pan or soup where they will work as a great thickening agent.
  8. Many cook amaranth to a porridge.
  9. The most common usage is proabaly to simply boil the seeds and serve them as a healthy repalcement for rice, pasta or couscous.





To cook amaranth seeds boil 1 cup seeds in 2,5 cups water for 18-20 minutes. Don’t over cook them as they become “gummy”!

Amaranth has a mild, sweet nutty flavor and you can enhance the flavor by gently saute the cooked seeds as I do with my quinoa.

For a hot amaranth breakfast increase the liquid to 3 cups and you might add some sweetness by using half water, half apple juice as liquid. Then for example add apple and walnuts is in the image above.

Or make your own breakfast cereal with popped amaranth seeds, some cinnamon, your favorite nuts and dried fruits.

Here is a video on how to make a tasty stir fry with amaranth.


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image courtesy of LollyKnit

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