10 ways to get in shape with your kids

By Carolin 

I have 3 young kids and I know what it’s like to try to combine taking care of them with taking care of myself. For some reason they always come before me. This leaves me very little time to, for example, exercise.

I thought a lot about what to do about my basically non-existing fitness schedule. And I’ve found that the best way to handle the problem to find fitness activities that I can do together with my children. This will help me and it will benefit them as well by:

  • Keeping them active
  • Showing them that exercise is an important part of life

Kids love to spend time with their parents. In our house it can be a pain to get the kids of the couch and away from their precious video games. But I found a couple of words that do magic and they are:
Anyone who wants to go out and jump on the trampoline with me?

It is not the trampoline itself that is so much fun, it is the fact that we do it together. And it’s a great and fun way to exercise. I love it.
Here are some ideas on activities that both you and your kids will benefit from:

  1. You run and your kid bikes
  2. Play soccer together in the garden
  3. Put on some fun music and dance
  4. Get a Nintendo Wii or use a dance pad and play active fun games together
  5. Go to the swimming pool together once a week
  6. Go to a parent-child class of eg gymnastics
  7. Join them when the play at the playground
  8. Get an exercise DVD and 2 (one for you and one for your child) and exercise while you kid plays with the ball
  9. Get up the trampoline and have fun together
  10. Do active like roller skating, ice skating, bowling, cycling and skiing

Kids love to play, climb, run and use their bodies. Why do we as parents sit on the bench and just watch? is not just a good way to exercise it is also a great opportunity to learn something new. So instead of thinking of it as you taking care of your children think of it as what it really is:

A great opportunity for you and your child to have fun and get exercise.

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