Gain energy and lose weight, fast and easy.

By Carolin 

Lack of energy? Maybe you’re dehydrated. Did you know that if you only drink 1-4 glasses of a day, this can lead to ?
With tons of great tasting juices, sodas, coffees teas out there we seam to have forgotten to fill our basic need to drink water.

  • If you drink one cup of coffee you need to dink 2 cups of water to get back to the same hydration level as before you had coffee.
  • If you drink one cup of soda you need to drink 1 cup or water to get back to the same hydration level as before you had soda.

Pretty scary, don’t you think.

So most of us don’t drink enough water and we slowly but surely get more and more dehydrated.
Reversing the trend gives you a fantastic energy kick!

Drinking water does not only give you more energy, it is a great way to !

Water contains no calories and no fat. Maybe the biggest reason that you loose weight when you drink water is that you drink less of other things:
Sodas: are full of sugar that makes you fat.
Diet sodas: are full of artificial sweeteners that make you hungrier and subsequently makes you gain weight.
Juice: most juices are full of sugar. If you make your own juice at home with fresh fruits and vegetables that is great! Most other juices, you’re better off without.
Coffee and tea: unless you drink it black with no sugar it’s full of sugar or artificial sweeteners and flavors, which make you fat.

Other reasons that you loose weight when you drink water are:

  • Drinking water make you feel full.
  • Water increases you metabolism.
  • Water cleans you body from toxins.
  • Water supports you digestive system.

Drinking enough water does not mean that you can’t drink anything else. Simply start by drinking more water as a part of your overall total wellness. You’ll slowly get used to it an actually prefer to drink water when you are thirsty. The energy increase and will come by itself. Read more about the benefits of drinking water.

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One Response to “Gain energy and lose weight, fast and easy.”

  1. Weight Loss on July 7th, 2010 5:58 am

    I agree that water helps a lot in losing weight. Not only does the intake of water prevent dehydration, it also aids in burning calories that helps in losing weight. On an average people should drink about 8 glasses per day. But since you are on your weight loss diet program, then you should keep drinking water throughout the day. Your daily water intake should be about 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of body weight. Drinking a lot of ice water as part of the weight loss program speeds up our metabolism, one cold 8 ounce glass of water or unsweetened drink with ice before each meal will help. Our body has to work to heat up the water, thereby increasing our metabolism.

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